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Right now, there are quite a few new regulations regarding sewer laterals for a residential homes. Depending on the state of your system, this could be a project that reaches several thousands of dollars in work for either the buyer or seller of a home. In this episode, we break it all down so you know what to expect via our on-camera interviews with all the players in the process.


  • 44 – The Plumber’s Process + Fees
  • 3:24 – City of Santa Cruz $1400 Rebate + Process
  • 6:31 – How the County is Different + Savings

Stay tuned as we’ll be sure to include updates as they occur since there are notable differences between cities and unincorporated areas of our region. If you’re entering the real estate market and you’d like to learn about your specific situation, we’re happy to speak with you about the details. For more news + information on the local market find us online:

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